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Nursing Suites

Denny Sanford PREMIER Center, with the help of Sanford Health, is taking steps to support breastfeeding moms who attend events at the PREMIER Center and Convention Center.

Two private nursing suites will be available on our campus to provide nursing mothers with the clean, dignified, and private space they deserve.

One nursing suite will be located in the PREMIER Center while a second suite will be placed in the Convention Center. The suites are portable, and their location will be adjusted as event demands require. Access to the nursing suites is available by installing the Mamava app which is available on the App Store or by scanning a QR code found on signage at Denny Sanford PREMIER Center. The app shows users where the suites are located and provides a code to enter on a key pad located on the front of each suite.

Mamava Pods: Top 3 Questions

As you begin to contemplate supporting mamas with a Mamava pod—or share your intentions to do so with others—you (or they) may have some questions. Here are the most common ones we hear—and how we respond.

Why isn’t there a sink in a Mamava?
Including plumbing would significantly reduce the mobility and affordability of the pods for too many facilities.

Why isn’t there a changing station?
Mamava pods are designed for food prep. Changing diapers in a pod makes them function more as a bathroom.

Are you hiding breastfeeding? (Of course not!)
Breastfeeding is beautiful and mamas have the right to feed their babies however and wherever they choose. But some mamas need private spaces
to pump. Some prefer privacy for nursing or have babies who are easily distracted. Some may need help containing a toddler while feeding an infant.

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