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Policies & Procedures


Still cameras are allowed in Denny Sanford PREMIER Center for most events. Professional photographic and video equipment may be prohibited for some concerts and special events unless otherwise approved in writing from facility/event management. Please contact our administration office at (605) 367-7288 for event-specific information.

Our venue is unable to provide photo/video approval for ticketed events in the PREMIER Center. All requests must be approved by the individual tour and show promoter. Requests can be submitted via email to the venue Director of Marketing at least 2 weeks in advance of the event. Media requests must be on behalf of a specific media outlet or station. Freelance and hobby photo/video requests typically will not be approved.


Onsite media must be approved in advance of an event by both the event organization and the venue Director of Marketing. Please direct all media requests to InfoPC@premier-center.com at least 48 hours in advance of requested appearance. Media found onsite without prior approval is subject for removal by the venue.


Guest Services is located in the Arena Administration Office around the corner from the Box Office windows.


Items that are found while cleaning up the building are brought to the Administration office and logged. If patrons call looking for an item they have lost, their name and contact information is also logged.

Need to report or check on a lost item? You can find us on ileftmystuff.com. If you use this site to report a lost item, we will be able to ship the item back to you if we have found it.

For items lost at Howard Wood Field, please call (605) 367-7900.


For your safety and protection, management reserves the right to enforce the following restrictions:
• No alcohol, drugs, illegal substances or any paraphernalia associated with drug use.
• No Audio/Video recorders, professional cameras, tripods or other camera stands, iPads, tablets, GoPros, or selfie sticks.
• No cans, bottles, coolers or other similar containers.
• No backpacks, duffel bags, or oversized bags (bigger than 6.5" x 4.5").
• No strollers, baby carriages, or car seats are permitted in general seating areas
• No fireworks.
• No flags/signs with poles.
• No laser pens/pointers of any type.
• No noisemakers such as air horns or vuvuzelas.
• No oversized bags, backpacks, or duffel bags.
• No pepper spray / mace.
• No weapons of any type, including chains, knives, firearms, and spiked jewelry.
• Any other item deemed unacceptable by event/building management.
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