3rd Annual Yogafest

3rd Annual Yogafest

Date: Nov 13, 2021
Time: 8:00 AM
NEW this year, we will be offering a CEU class, taught by Carole Westerman with Evolve To Harmony from Omaha, NE.
We have partnered with Frontier Wellness. This team will be helping coordinate and structure the class schedule for November 13.
Please stay tuned for more information regarding class schedules.

Regular Pricing: Starts August 28- November 13 ($55)

7:30 AM - Registration
8:00- 9:00 AM- Welcome and warm-up session with Carole Westerman
Kundalini Fusion Flow- ALL PARTICIPANT CLASS

This invigorating class will uplift and inspire you for Yoga Fest!
We will practice together in a Flow based class, that includes a few elements of the Kundalini practice. This class will awaken our passion for Yoga and allow us to experience the festival to it's fullest!

9:00-9:20 AM - Break visit with vendors

9:20-11:40 - Class with Carole Westerman
2 hour breakout session/Continuing Ed for Teachers and those who want more depth on the previous class.
Kundalini Immersion Workshop
This workshop will introduce the foundational principles in Kundalini Yoga such as Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra and Kriya. We will unpack and deconstruct a specific Kriya (sequence), so that you understand each and every component of it's intention and how to take it to the next level over time. It will be an immersive experience that will ignite your purpose, and give you the tools needed to continue to practice at home and/or share the practice with others. You'll walk away with a clearer understanding of the practice and it's potential to illuminate your path.


9:20-10:20 AM - Fire Session (Heat Building)
Vinyasa with Travis Kvaale (Frontier)
Power Flow with Kyla Glatt (GreatLife)
Yoga Sculpt with Allyson Fordyce (The Shop)
Autumn Neuman (Revolution/Shakti Fire)

10:20-10:40 AM - Break visit with vendors

10:40-11:40 AM - Earth/Water Session (Grounding)
Connection to the Season: A Nature Based Practice with Sarah Bruxvoort (Sarah Bruxvoort Yoga and Retreats)
The Power of Stillness with Dakotah Jordan (Dakotah Yoga)
Restroative Chakra Journey with Marie Spaabæk Mortensen (Sanford Wellness)
Pure Fprm Yoga with Jacquelinee Provencio (Embody Yoga)

11:45 AM- Experience Box Pick-up

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