Summit League Basketball Tournament Creates $11 million Economic Impact


The 2015 Summit League Basketball Championships contributed an estimated $11.45 million in total business sales to the Sioux Falls economy, according to a new economic impact report. The report was compiled by the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau with supporting data from the Sioux Falls Sports Authority.

“The Summit League Basketball Championship gives us an opportunity to showcase our city,” said Teri Schmidt, Executive Director of the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau. “And the impact of the tournament can be seen throughout our hotels, restaurants, stores, gas stations, and beyond.”

The total calculation, generated through the Sports Module of the Economic Impact Calculator and supported by the Destination Marketing Association International, represents $6.175 million dollars in direct business sales and $5.275 million in indirect business sales. The figures encompass local taxes, lodging, transportation, food, entertainment, shopping, organizer spending, and media exposure.

“The growth of the Summit League Basketball Championships has been unbelievable since its move to Sioux Falls in 2009,” said Wes Hall, Executive Director of the Sioux Falls Sports Authority. “The relationship between the Summit League and Sioux Falls is one of a great partnership that continues to grow and evolve year after year.”

The 2015 Summit League Championships drew 60,007 fans for the women’s and men’s sessions combined. The 2015 Championships ranked as the highest attended conference tournament in League history.

Sioux Falls Sports Authority

The Sioux Falls Sports Authority was formed in 2006 by community leaders to recruit major sporting events to the Sioux Falls area. The organization attracts international, national, regional and state sporting events by operating, leasing, enhancing or owning sports facilities in the Sioux Falls area. It is run by a board of directors made up of 15 community members, an executive director and project director. The organization has hosted the Summit League Basketball Championships since 2009. For more information, visit